abiola masks


Set of 2 -category 1- masks.

The abiola mask is made in France, with 100% cotton wax block fabric. The fabric is lined with a non-filtering, cold-drawn white polypropylene substrate. Wax-block is a special print consisting of one or two main colors incorporated into the wax print design. About fifteen different fabrics were used for the manufacture of the abiola masks, when ordering you will not be able to choose a particular model.

The mask can be washed 50 times, i.e. 0.15 € per use

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All our masks are made in France with 100% cotton wax block fabric. The fabric is lined with a cotton gabardine. The Wax Block is a special printcomposed of one or two main colors included in the wax printed drawing. Very communicating, the drawings always reflect both sides in mirrors. Every single inch of the cloth is unique due to the biological and magical process used to print it.

The masks are packaged in pairs and follow AFNOR S76-001 specifications. They are category 1 with more than 90% filtration efficiency for the 3 micron particles emitted by the person wearing the mask.

The filtration result is 98% after 50 washes and the breathability of the mask was measured at> 96 L.m-2.s-1 and must allow it to be worn for a period of 4 hours.

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