After having helped their family in Benin for years Frédéric Fabi’s parents have founded in 2007 the association AAOEP ( With their personal fundings, they created a school 10 years ago in the village of Zimon (located 60 kilometers from Cotonou, in the area of Saketé in the South of Bénin).

Today, 350 children, mostly girls, attend school and get at least 1 free meal every day. Enabling these children to get an education, to have access to culture is giving them more keys to succeed in life

What tomorrow?

Our goal is to make you proud : proud to wear our creations, but most importantly proud to take part in our inclusive project. For every pair sold, Abiola will give out 5 euros to the association AAEOP. Your purchase will enable Zimon’s children to get quality education. Abiola is a meaningful bridge between African children and you.

Your pride will be ours.